Hello Kitty : Super Style ! Meet Kitty

Our new series Hello Kitty : Super Style ! follows Kitty’s adventures in Cherry Town, as she helps her friends in all sorts of situations. Let’s introduce her!

Hello Kitty (or Kitty, for short) is a confident and outgoing friend. She has a glittery cheerfulness and overflowing optimism. Her glass isn’t just half-full. It’s half-full of something fabulously fizzy. And there are at least two straws.

Kitty is the friendliest face in Cherry Town – a kindhearted character who will stop at nothing to help a friend in need and get them smiling. In this new series, Kitty not only helps her friends but does it with bow power! Kitty’s bow wiggles, glitters and glows when a friend is in need, and Kitty activates an amazing transformation, changing her costume to be a brave explorer, a cunning detective, a top-notch chef, high jumping athlete or sensational pop star – any of a number of personas to face the challenges ahead.

While they don’t grant her super powers, Kitty’s spiffy new looks highlight her confidence and determination to help her friends overcome silly setbacks, friendly rivals, emotional roadblocks, and engage in outrageous daring-do with style! To activate her transformation, Kitty simply touches her bow and sings a rhyme like: “Here to help you find your smile! Same best friend, brand new style! Who hunts for clues – big or itty bitty? No mystery! It’s Detective Kitty!” Then the colourful sparkles and pops of glitter do the rest. Next thing you know – she’s an all new Kitty, ready to take on whatever comes next.

However, just because she looks the part, Kitty doesn’t automatically have all the answers. She still has to rely on her patience and courage to keep trying until she figures things out. She’ll stumble. She’ll fall. She’ll get a little messy. But she’ll always get back up

Kitty values her friendships more than anything; and that’s what people love about her most. She holds zero judgment toward what got her friend down in the dumps or into his or her predicament in the first place; she’s just there to help in any way she can. (Plus Kitty’s never seen a frown she can’t fix. People love that about her, too.)

Kitty (with her best squirrel-friend and sidekick Haroshee) doesn’t just guide a glum chum back to happiness, she takes charge of their adventure toward joy with her trademark blend of spunk, kind spirit, and determination. She’s not an expert or a know-it-all. She can’t wave a magic wand and make everything better. But with her dynamic, go-getter positivity, Kitty has a knack for turning her friends’ emotional journeys into literal adventures, complete with big stakes and rich rewards.

Follow Haroshee, Kitty and all of her friends’ adventures in Cherry Town in Hello Kitty : Super Style ! on Amazon Kids +, Canal + and Discovery Kids!