Hello Kitty : Super Style ! Meet Rio

Now it’s time to introduce Kitty’s neighbor and Pinky’s best friend, Rio !

Rio is Kitty’s shy, thoughtful friend. In small groups, he’s perfectly sociable. They’re the perfect size for his favourite games. Which, as it turns out, are all the games. Board games, card games, puzzle games, computer games… you name it, he plays it. In small, trusted circles, he’ll even share his beautiful singing voice. But for some reason, his comfort doesn’t grow with the crowd size. Big groups just aren’t his cup of tea. For Rio, the only thing worse than being in the middle of a crowd is standing on a stage in front of a crowd.

Rio lives with Pinky in an ‘opposites attract’ kind of relationship. They are best friends.  If she’s happy to be in the spotlight, then he’s the one who’s happy to operate it. Rio is prone to fear and gullible to Pinky’s stories. On a camping trip when Pinky tells the group a sweet tooth monster stole their marshmallows Rio wants to go home as his first response. But being unseen sometimes has its drawbacks. (He and Haroshee totally relate on this note.) Sometimes people forget you are there or forget to take your feelings and opinions into consideration.

He works on Pinky’s column in The Cherry Town Times – which is great fun. He really doesn’t enjoy confrontation of any kind whatsoever. Rio can struggle to be assertive. Sometimes he knows the best solution, but is too afraid to speak up. He is also easily persuaded to do things he doesn’t really want to do.

Deep down, he would like to be a little more confident. Who knows – maybe one day, with Kitty’s help, he just might be brave enough to stand up in front of a crowd and sing!

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