Hello Kitty : Super Style ! Meet Zonty

Frido’s best friend and all around great inventor, it’s Zonty !

Zonty is Frido’s inventive warthog sidekick. He lives with Frido and spends most of his time creating quirky scifi gadgets (that she might use for cheating – which somehow always catches him off-guard). Zonty is a tad slow on the uptake and his moral compass runs behind schedule. He is often going full-steam ahead with a plan he’s crafting with Frido, only to realize too late that his genius has been somewhat taken advantage of.

Zonty just loves to invent! And the bigger, faster and more bulked up the better. He’s less scientist and more mad-mechanic. He is always hammering, twisting, and screwing; taking things apart to see how they work, and then putting them back together to see if he can make them work bigger/stronger/ louder/zanier. Sometimes his big ideas don’t turn out exactly as planned, but they do come pretty close. Besides, when it’s Frido using Zonty’s contraptions, it can be hard to tell mechanical defect from operator error.

Zonty is happy when he has tools in his hands, but he’s at his most happy when he has Frido by his side, suggesting even more wildly outrageous plans for his already wildly outrageous blueprints. The two play off each other, nearly finishing each other’s sentences, when it comes creating something over-the-top. It’s here that their friendship shines (a little less so when Frido then uses the invention for her schemes).

Zonty can be pretty blunt. He likes to say things as he sees them and is the only person in Cherry Town that can push back with Frido. Of course he can; they’re best friends.

Zonty’s technological knowhow makes him useful in other ways, too. He’s often relied upon to fix things in the community. And in a pinch, he can use his quirky contraptions to help out whenever needed.

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