Hello Kitty : Super Style ! Meet Frido

Let’s introduce the one and only Frido !

While Kitty has a lot of friends, her relationship with Frido is a bit more complicated. Frido is extremely self-centered and wants what she wants
when she wants it. Frido sees Kitty as a rival – someone who is always achieving and succeeding at the things Frido wants.

Though truth be told, most of the time Frido doesn’t know what she wants until she sees what Kitty’s up to. Frido is a copycat; always watching
what others are doing (especially Kitty), and trying to work out how she can do it better. But doing things “better” does not include Frido
focusing, working hard and trying to better herself. Oh no, Frido looks for the easy (and quickest) way out.

She never really puts effort into any of her interests she wants to excel in (unless cheating counts as effort, because – hoo-boy! – she goes overtime for that). Frido steals ideas just to claim she had them first. She sabotages others to make herself look better. And she’s never seen a corner she can’t cut. But even with her poor behaviour and regrettable choices, Frido isn’t entirely unlikeable.

Her self-centeredness (which she would call self-confidence) is so over the top, it’s kind of hilarious. Frido loves her bestest friend, Zonty, although she mostly makes demands and has Zonty do all the work. Through Zonty, we see Frido’s soft spot and her ability to love someone more than herself! Thanks to Zonty, Frido has access to shrink rays, electronic rollerskates, magic grow zappers. Her schemes are more petty and childish and they always come with ample slapstick comeuppance.

Though Frido often catches Kitty and the others off guard with her antics, no one is all that surprised by Frido’s behaviour. It’s just who she is. So while she may create a lot of conflict, Kitty and her friends have a genuine soft spot for this rascally rival.

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