Hello Kitty : Super Style ! Meet Zing

Let’s meet Cherry Town’s most excited athlete, Zing !

Zing is the sports enthusiast. She doesn’t just eat, sleep and breathe sports, she dribbles, punts, and triple salchow’s them. She feels most at home when she’s center field, showing off her skills, and proving why she has a Cherry Town Championship Medal around her waist. She likes to make everything a friendly (and sometimes not-so-friendly) competition, on and off the field. She’s the kind of friend who will race you to the snack stand, challenge you to see who can eat the most, and then have a contest to see who can toss their garbage into the bin without missing! But while most sports come to her easily, there is one thing she’s not so great at: losing! Not just losing; even the possibility of coming in second place will put Zing into a tizzy. This can lead her to cheat, but she always regrets it afterwards.

Luckily, Zing can count on her teammate Kitty to remind her that winning isn’t everything. Kitty also likes to remind Zing that her competitive nature brings out the best in her, too. Zing is uncannily disciplined.

When she’s not in the race, she is the world’s best cheerleader. Perpetually with her eyes on the prize, Zing is regimented and purposeful, like any champion. Sometimes this can make it hard for Zing to change plans on a dime, but she pushes through her rigidity when her friends need her.

Physically, Zing is always in motion – never missing an opportunity to stretch, lunge, or do jumping jacks – and is always encouraging her Cherry Town friends to join her in eating right, exercising and staying healthy.

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