Hello Kitty : Super Style ! Meet Haroshee

Kitty may have a lot of friends in Cherry Town, but there’s one pal in particular that never leaves her side: Haroshee!

This adorable flying squirrel can often be found scurrying and whooshing along wherever Kitty goes. Her loyal sidekick, Haroshee is happy to let Kitty take the lead in their adventures. But that’s not to say he doesn’t get involved – he’s far too curious and busy to just hang back. So while Kitty takes on the bigger moments in an adventure, Haroshee tends to play on the sidelines. On some occasions, Haroshee can actually save the day with his quirky attention to detail – providing something important the other characters overlooked at just the right moment. He is always willing to help put Kitty’s plans into action.

While Haroshee doesn’t technically speak, his unique language of chirps and squeaks gets his point across just fine. He chirps happily for hugs, for collecting colourful pebbles, and when pointing out the missing link needed to save the day. But when he detects even a whiff of unfairness – or worse, when he feels he is being ignored! – you’re in for a string of agitated little squeaks.

It’s a big personality for such a little guy, but Kitty loves him all the more for it!

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