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FORMAT      52 x 11′
PUBLIC         3 – 7 ans
TECHNIQUE      Animation 3D numérique

Hello Kitty

Literary bible : Myles McLeod

Graphic bible : Manu Tanon-Tchi

Directed by Jérémy Guiter

Story edited by Clark Stubbs, Katiedid Langrock, Sylvain Huchet

You know her bow. You love her ears. She’s one of the world’s most beloved and recognizable cartoon characters. And now she’s back for bold, new adventures with her best, new besties! So say “Hello” to an old friend like you’ve never seen her before: Hello Kitty. In this quirky, action-packed new series, Kitty stars as the friendliest face in Cherry Town – a kind-hearted character who will stop at nothing to help a friend and get them smiling. On any given day, Kitty finds one of her friends experiencing some set of obstacles that can spoil their mood and set them on a not-so-successful path to doom and gloom. They need help. And what they get is a friend – Hello Kitty!

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