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FORMAT     52 x 11′
PUBLIC       8 – 12 ans
TECHNIQUE      Animation 2D numérique

Best Bugs Forever

Created by Stuart Gibson and Nathan Wong

Literary bible : Andrew Barnett-Jones, Ciaran Murtagh

Graphic bible : David Maingault, Manu Tanon-Tchi, Sophie Castaignède

Directed by Jean-Paul Guigue and Yann Provost

Story edited by Andrew Barnett-Jones, Ciaran Murtagh, Caroline Torelli, Augustin Mas

Best Bugs Forever is a sitcom about three friends who are making their way in an amazing new city that’s more exciting and full of adventures than anywhere they’ve been before. They’ll make great new friends, try out new things, and learn more about themselves with every adventure. Oh, and we forgot to mention that… they’re all bugs! The ‘city’ they’re settling into is actually a rundown human motel, but from their tiny point of view it’s a sprawling, bustling metropolis that’s just crawling with insect life, with a lively and colorful 50’s American vibe.

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