Our productions < Boy, Girl, Dog, Cat, Mouse, Cheese


FORMAT      104 x 11′
PUBLIC         6 – 10 ans
TECHNIQUE      Animation 2D numérique

Boy, Girl, Dog, Cat, Mouse, Cheese

Created by Jeff Harter

Literary bible : Scott Peterson, Neil Alsip

Graphic bible : David Maingault, Manu Tanon-Tchi, Sophie Castaignède

Directed by Jérémy Guiter and Matthieu Giner

Story edited by Tom Krajewski, Sylvain Huchet

Welcome to the crazy universe of the most unlikely blended family, which includes two human kids (Boy and Girl), three anthropomorphic animals (Dog, Cat and Mouse) and even… a talking piece of cheese? Living together under the same roof is a daily challenge for our six siblings, but they are determined to prove they can form a true family, even if it’s unlike any other!

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