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FORMAT     52 x 11′
PUBLIC       8 – 12 ans
TECHNIQUE      Animation 2D numérique

I, Elvis Riboldi

Literary bible : Javier Galán, Franck Ekinci

Graphic bible : Angel Coronado, Oriol Roca

Directed by Javier Galán and Raphaël Lamarque

Story edited by Javier Galán

Elvis Riboldi is energetic, optimistic, passionate… only a bit too much. He lives with his friends Boris and Emma in Icaria, a town where, according to its inhabitants, nothing ever happened until Elvis was born. But now that’s he’s around, be prepared for almost anything: time travels, epic fights to death, close encounters of the third kind, and even karaoke!

Based on the book series “I, Elvis Riboldi” by Bono Bidari, published in France (Hachette) and Spain (La Galera)

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