Audrey’s Shelter : meet Audrey

Discover the character of Audrey, the heroine of our series: “Audrey’s Shelter” broadcasted on France 4 and available on the free Okoo app.

Audrey has lived at the Refuge ever since she was a baby. Growing up among animals has made her who she is today: confident, insightful, and unfiltered. Her animal friends express themselves freely (and burp out loud!), so why shouldn’t she?

Audrey doesn’t see herself as a ‘keeper’ or a ‘caregiver’ to the animals, she just sees them as her friends. She understands their personalities and how to get through to them. Like how the only way to win respect from the persnickety panther Pearl is a good, low, menacing growl. Or how Rina, the extra sensitive Sumatran Rhinoceros, loves a rambunctious roll in the mud!

When something is off with one of the animals, Audrey feels it first. Alert to the slightest grunt or an unwaging tail, she can tell if a conflict is brewing, or if there’s an upset tummy, or if she’s about to be pelted by papayas by a family of spider monkeys. And when one of the animals gets out of control, Audrey is always the first one there to calm them down. It’s an incredible ability that never ceases to amaze her parents.

But while Audrey is amazing with animals, she isn’t quite as good with humans. She adores her family, the Shelter staff and her best friend Tommy, but she quickly gets overwhelmed by new people, especially when they don’t see things her way. Because of this, Audrey struggles at school. There are just too many people with too many voices and feelings and opinions for her to process them all. Not to mention her teachers’ expectation that she stays seated at a desk all day! “Sit still” is just not in Audrey’s vocabulary.

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