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FORMAT     52 x 11′
PUBLIC       4 – 7 ans
TECHNIQUE      Animation 2D numérique

Audrey’s Shelter

Literary bible : Sylvain Huchet

Graphique bible : Rémi Chanfreau, Benjamin Flouw

Directed by Matthieu Gaillard

Story edited by Sylvain Huchet

Have you ever heard of the saiga? Or the kakapo? Or the northern hairy-nosed wombat? No? That’s ok. Audrey will introduce you! These are some of the most endangered animals in the world… and they just so happen to be her best friends!

That’s because 8-year-old Audrey lives at her family’s Refuge for endangered species. She knows first-hand that caring for a menagerie of wild animals isn’t easy, but is always worth it. It just takes a little empathy and a big sense of humor. From figuring out how to make a baby rhino happy, to feeding a whole colony of bats, together Audrey and her best friend Tommy can handle anything!

Welcome to Audrey’s Shelter!

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