Third season of Nate is Late on its way !

Season 3 of Oscar and Malika is in production. Your two favorite heroes are back for a third season, oh yeaaaaaah!

Never two without three. Oscar and Malika are back for a third season. France Télévisions and Super RTL in Germany have launched the production of a third season consisting of 52 episodes with a budget of 7 million euros (7.6 million dollars). COFIMAGE 34, SOFITVCINE 11, and CNC are co-financers. Edouard Kuchiman and Gaultier Buiret will be co-directors.

The series created by Sylvain Huchet and Peter Saisselin follows two friends, Oscar and Malika, who are constantly late for school. Every morning, the two friends make their way to school on foot. And every morning, something incredible happens to them. But try explaining that to the headmistress…

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