France Télévisions and Watch Next announce the development of “Donjons & Kittens”

In a context where non-linear consumption of animated series is experiencing rapid growth in France and internationally, Watch Next – one of the French leaders dedicated to the production and distribution of animated content – is proud to announce the development of “DUNGEONS & KITTENS”, a serialized animated series of 13 x 22’ episodes, aimed at children aged 6 and up, with the support of France Télévisions.

Created by Clément De Ruyter and Mélanie Duval, produced by Watch Next, and supported by France Télévisions, DUNGEONS & KITTENS takes us into a fantastical universe, filled with “meowgic”, dangers, and secrets, drawing inspiration from role-playing game tropes while tailoring them to a child’s perspective.

The 13 x 22’ will follow the adventures of four kittens: Fib, Precious, Suds and Ruffles, who have been banished from the Kingdom of Cats. In search of a treasure that will be their ticket home, they find themselves plunged into a dark and mysterious world, where each step presents its own set of challenges. Faced with countless dangers, they will need to show cunning and bravery, but most importantly, learn to work together.

In parallel to the series’ development, Clément De Ruyter unveils another aspect of his creativity with the creation of the table-top role-playing game (RPG) “Dungeon & Kittens”. Successfully funded through crowdfunding, this playful extension of the series’ universe has also received praise from the website Plateau Marmots.

Philippe Alessandri, founder and CEO of Watch Next, comments: “After several successfully completed series, Watch Next has decided to develop an epic saga to accompany the rise of its broadcasting partners’ non-linear platforms and to allow its teams to showcase their talent in a new format and genre. With its unique aesthetic and endearing characters, Dungeons and Kittens has the qualities to capture the hearts of an entire generation of children – and their parents’ too!”

The trailer and all the details for Dungeons & Kittens will be presented during Cartoon Forum 2023.