65 millions views for “Nate is Late” on Youtube !

Created in 2018, the Youtube channel has reached 65 millions views. With 145 000 followers and 7 millions hours of watchtime, it is one of the leading French channels of animation. “Nate is late” is available in French, English, Spanish and will soon be available in Mandarin Chinese.

One of Youtube’s safe bet

Watch Next Media’s most famous animated series is broadcasted in France on Okoo, where it’s one of the most beloved cartoons, France TV, Canal J, Netflix and myCANAL.

With such a success on ADVOD/SVOD platforms, “Nate is Late”, produced by Watch Next Media and distributed by Kids First Distribution, also works amazingly on Youtube.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, here’s the pitch :

Every morning, Nate and Malika take the same path to school. And every morning, they arrive late! That’s because they always find themselves caught in incredible adventures on their way. But Principal Prudence will never believe their stories…

On Youtube, “Nate is Late” official channels have 145 000 followers and has reached 65 millions views. The French Youtube channel offers a selection of full episodes and compilations, songs and music from the series. Since its creation in 2018, the channel has more than 7 millions hours of watchtime. Season 2 is also a success, with more than 200 000 views per episode. The most popular episode on the French Youtube channel is “The Hairdresser” from Season2, with 2.8 millions views and 220 000 hours of watchtime.

Increased social media presence

Watch Next Media choosed to promote the series on Tiktok, facebook and Instagram. The  official Tiktok page has more than 23 000 Likes and 400 000 views. As for Facebook, the page has 100 000 followers and more than 20 000 Likes, while the Instagram Reels have been seen 90 000 times. “Nate is Late” fans can follow the news surrounding the series on these pages, and love to share their comments, fanarts and parodies.

Good news for them, “Nate” will continue to be late for school, as a third season is already in production.