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FORMAT     52 x 11′
PUBLIC       6 – 10 ans
TECHNIQUE      Animation 2D numérique

The KiddyKrunchers

Literary bible : Cedric Stephan et Franck Ekinci

Graphic bible : Aurélien Bouillon

Directed by

Story edited by Franck Ekinci

The KiddyKrunchers is a series for kids 6 to 10, heavily dosed with humor, sprinkled with lots of adventure, a pinch of the fantastic and cooked up for all ages and walks of human life. Each episode tells the story of one of the Kiddycruncher’s wacky adventures. The Kiddycrunchers are a family of Trolls who have been forced to leave their home under the bridge and move into the Shoebox Housing Project and I ive amongst… human beings!
Luckily they can :nt on their oldest daughter, Munchies, l to help them blend in with the locals.

lt’s no piece of cake trying to channel ait this incredible family’s excess energy! Living happily means learning how to hide!

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